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electronic hogh voltageElectronic High Voltage Detector Kits from 3.3 to 33kV

The latest generation KP-Test 5 is available, offering a range of tangible, visual and acoustic improvements.more info

Product Code: K-930-210-001-1-KT-F

cordlessG-GMP-70427-F Cordless Power Duct Slitter

The cordless power duct slitter eliminates the need for manual intervention during the trimming and slitting of inner duct utility conduit. Because it is cordless, there is no cable to get tangled up in, and its portability allows it to be used anywhere on site.more info

hydraulc cutterCable Cutters

Hand operated cutters, designed to increase speed and reduce effort of cutting conductors and cables whilst providing a superior finish.more info
Product Code: Various

hard cable ratchetRatchet Cable Cutters

This ingenious tool offers big cutter performance without long handles to tackle large cutting jobs in tight spaces such as manholes.more info
Product Code: Various



14.4 Volt Hydraulic Cutters

14.4 V cordless hydraulic cutting tool specifically designed to cut copper, aluminum and telecommunication cables.more info
Product Code: Various