132kV Long Probe


These well-proven warning devices have been in service throughout the industry for many years. The unit comes complete with a forked probe and adaptor suitable for use with P331 type pole head and uses the standard red and green LED warning displays. The visual warning can be supplemented with an aural one by incorporating the “ACU” acoustic warning unit. The “ACU” unit can also be used with existing detectors have a serial number prefixed with an “M”.

ProductNo Description
K-620-035-003-F Voltage Detectors 132kV
K-05017-01-F Voltage Detector Carrying Case – Large
K-624-413-001-F Adaptor for 132kV Detector
K-360-882-882-1 KP Type Ins Pole Head
D-851-F Top Operating Pole 1.22m
D-852-F Middle Operating Pole 1.22m
D-853-F Bottom Operating Pole 1.22m
K-364-746-002-F Acoustic Unit