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breeze cable blowing machine

CBS BREEZE Cable Blowing Machine

The “BREEZE” Cable Blowing Machine has been designed to meet the growing need for the installation of micro cables. Small and portable with ergonomic controls, it is ideally suited for external or internal use.more
Product Code: C-1300

cable blowing compressor

CBS Cable Blowing Compressor

M17 Compressor specifically for use with Breeze Cable Blowing Machine having 15 bar pressure with 1000 litres/m (35.3cfm) flow.more
Product Code: C-M17-15


CBS Breeze Configuration for Cable Blowing

In order to customise your new “Breeze” to your application, we ask that you pick the Tube Collet Assembly, the Cable Guide Assembly and the Cable Collet Assembly.more
Product Code: Various