C-825 Portable Hydraulic Winching System

C-825The CBS 825 is designed to provide a fully portable winching system, by breaking down into easily transportable modules. Ideally suited for overhead line stringing work such as ABC conductors, bare conductors or re-conductoring projects, it provides a flexible system suitable where access is restricted and ground disturbance is undesirable.
The winch can be pole mounted or ground mounted using the optional frame. The C-825 Hydraulic Winch comprises of a strong lightweight pole mounting frame with securing chains and incorporates a hydraulic drive and control lever.

1000kg Maximum Tension (approx)
Average Tension 300kg
Speed Control:
0-100 meters/min
Fail-safe, bi-directional section, creep and inching facility

C-1203-0543 Hydraulic Power Pack

This unit is powered by an air-cooled, 5hp petrol
driven engine, delivering 15 liters/min at a working pressure of 94 bar from the hydraulic circuit. The circuit is protected with return line and suction filters. The unit is mounted on a robust, pneumatic wheeled, trolley. The unit is CE approved.

Length: 640mm
Width: 780mm
Height: 665mm
Weight: 93kg
Hydraulic Tank Cap. 25 liters


Product No Description
C-825 Pole Mounted Hydraulic Winch
C-825-10 Layering Device (Manual)
C-1203-0543 Hyd Power Pack 5hp Std Flow
94 bar 15 litres/min
C-HYD-HA-08-007.0-01 Hose with couplings –7 metres long (2 off)
C-821-02 Drum 700mm, fitted with 400 metres of 8mm diameter “Paraline” Rope.
C-821-03 Drum 700mm, fitted with 600 metres of 8mm diameter “Paraline” Rope.
C-A1-680-27 Split drum for retrieving old conductor
C-825-06 Grounding frame and anchor rods
C-825-07 Split drum (outboard type)
C-825-09 Carrying handle for Hyd Motor