Our Dome Enclosures are suitable for protecting fibre cable splices. Injection-moulded, high-strength engineering plastic ABS or PC by numerical control equipment; therefore effectively prevent products from aging caused by coldness, heat, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation. The strong housing and main components provide fire resistant, waterproof, and quakeproof while protecting splices during pulling, compressing, and impacting, bending, tensioning, axial tensioning. It ensures long-term reliability and usage under ambient temperature from -40°C to +75°C
  • Temperature: -40℃- +60℃
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 70-106Kpa
  • Life Span: More than 25 years.
  • Material: Height strength polypropylene (PP) + ABS (splice tray), which can assure any items of physical performance is excellent.
  • Cable entries: 5 round ports for 6 cables max inlet and outlet
  • Maximum Trays: 5 trays
  • Maximum Cores: 120 (single core)
  • Dimension (H*D): 430*130 (mm)
  • Package material: Carton
  • Weight: 2.5-3.5Kg
  • FOSC Material: PP, ABS
  • Cable diameter range: 8-20mm
  • Sealing way: Mechanical sealing