Fibre Optics cleaning and inspection

It is a fact that fiber end-face contamination is a major cause of network outages and downtime. Our inspection products enable network technicians and other personnel to safely inspect fiber endfaces for contamination and verify the effectiveness of fiber cleaning procedures.

one-clickOne-Click Connector Cleaner

One-Click Connector Cleaners are designed to effectively and quickly clean connector end faces, both the unmated patchcord and through the adapter.

focis-wifiFOCIS WiFi Pro Fibre OPtics Connector Inspection System

The FOCIS WiFi PRO system combines AFL’s powerful fiber connector inspection and analysis with the familiar ease of a smart device. No matter where your work takes you, FOCIS WiFi PRO is as mobile, agile and connected as you are.


focis-flex_lwia_001FOSIC Flex Fibre Optic Connector Inspection System

Connector inspection is simple, fast, and convenient using AFL’s FOCIS Flex. With one button, FOCIS Flex auto-focuses, captures, centers and displays the end-face image. It also applies pass/fail rules and can transfer the image and results to a paired FLX380 or OFL280 FlexTester OTDR via Bluetooth.

vs-300VS300 View Safe Video Microscope

NOYES VS300 view safe video microscope removes concerns for eye safety while inspecting optical fiber connectors. The design eliminates the optical path to the eye by utilizing a miniature camera and a micro-display offering clarity and resolution without safety concerns

ofs-300OFS300  Optical Microscope

The OFS300 Optical Microscope provides precise 200X magnification for inspecting fiber optic patch cord connectors. Handheld, lightweight and field-tough, the OFS300 is used to detect for scratches, dirt, or other contamination that can cause poor transmission performance.

dfs_adaptersDFS1 Adapter Tips

Adapter tips are used with the DFS1 Digital FiberScope to inspect ferrule ends of jumper cables, as well as fiber ends mounted inside bulkhead adapters on the front panels of transmission equipment and in patch panels. Tips are available in a variety of lengths for both UPC and APC connectors. Commonly used FC, SC, and LC adapter tips are included in DFS1 Digital FiberScope Kits.



FCC-01— Fibretool Cassette Cleaner FCC-01
RE- FCC-01 – Replacement cartridge of FCC- 01 cleaner
HW-200ME 200X— Hand Held Fiber Microscope
CS250 2.5mm— fiber optic cleaning stick
CS125 1.25mm— fiber optic cleaning stick LED inspection flashlight
ADB-250 250ml – Bottle of Alcohol with locked
F0C- 01–  Pre-Moistened Alcohol Wipes
FOC-03 – Fiber Cleaning Wipes 7.5×7.5mm, 50/pkg
FTC- 01–  Carrying Tool Case(260×140×200mm)



FCC-01–  Fibretool Cassette Cleaner FCC-01
HW-400XA 400X  – Hand Held Fiber Microscope
FOC- 250C– Ergonomic  One-Click Cleaner (SC/ST/FC )
FOC- 125C – Ergonomic  One-Click Cleaner (LC/MU )
Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen
ADB-250 – Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner LED inspection flashlight
FOC- 03 2.5mm –  fiber optic cleaning stick
HW-450 – Pocket Visual Fault Locator  (Optional)
FTC-01– Carrying Tool Case(260×140×200mm)