Fibre Residential and Business Unit – FRBU

FRBUThe FRBU is a cap-ended ready access closure of compact size used for the organization and
protection of fiber optic cable splices in aerial,
underground and direct buried installations.

It is available with 2 base configurations having 8 or 10 round cable ports and an oval port for loop through applications. The closure cover is fitted with a pressure release valve and is environmentally sealed to the base using a rolling “O” ring. Cables are sealed using either heatshrink sleeving or CablelokTM.

The unit can be supplied with 2 tray options. 2 to 6 medium trays are mounted on a central rigid support. The trays can be stacked (short cover) or with 2 side hinges (long cover). Alternatively 6 small trays mounted on flexible end hinges (short cover) are available.

• Maximum 96 fiber (72 fibre recommended) capacity using standard heatshrink splice protectors.
• Approvals from PTT’s worldwide.
• Closures with interchangeable inserts for various types of splices.
• Base to cover clamp with quick release
• SnapperbandTM or stainless steel latch clamp.
• The heatshrink kits are supplied with 1 sleeve and branch clip for the oval port and 2 sleeves for the round ports.
• CablelokTM kits are supplied with 1 off each R1, R2, R3 and 2 off B2 CableloksTM.
• 9 port medium tray kits also have 1 off L1 CablelokTM.
• The kits are also supplied with cable surface preparation, management and identification materials.
• Typical applications include network maintenance and repair, and CCTV Installations.