Heavy Duty Insulated Spade and Shovel Holer

Used by local authorities, major street lighting, electrical, utilities and railway contractors.
Hard wearing, heavy duty tools providing excellent electrical insulation:
• Non-conductive Nupla fiber glass shafts, used by utilities and railways for over 15 years.
• Every tool electrically tested to 10,000 volts and marked for trace-ability.
• All tool handles are orange, marked 1000V.

Double-insulation over metal sockets:
• Wear-resistant, fiber glass-reinforced nylon orange over guard.
• White fiber glass warning under guard.
• Fully bonded to metal socket.

D919_spadeHeavy Duty Insulated GPO Rabbiting Spade

Commonly found in works such as street lighting, highway works and fencing, Insulated GPO Rabbiting Spades are designed for deep, restricted excavations and difficult ground conditions where wear is heavy. The Spades have an orange, solid NUPLAGLAS fiberglass shaft bonded to the socket.

Rabbiting Spade




D919_shovelholerHeavy Duty Insulated Shovel Holer

The insulated Shovel Holer is designed for digging and clearing spoil in narrow holes which restrict the use of standard spades. The Shovel Holer should not be used directly on solid surfaces such as Tarmac and Concrete or stony ground, which must first be broken with an appropriate digging bar. The Shovel Holer has a jaw spread of 250mm.
The Spades have an orange, solid NUPLAGLAS fibreglass shaft bonded to the socket.

Shovel Holer