LC Adaptor

The Optronics LC connector is a small form factor fibre optic connector. The LC connector helps to reduce space on panels or outlets by 50%. It is cost effective as it simplifies movement, addition and modification. It uses the standard RJ-style telephone connector which gives an audible click upon engaging.

Optronics manufactures a range of LC connectors suitable for various applications. The LC connector uses a 1.25mm ferrule which is half the diameter of the standard ferrule. The FibreFab LC connectors are available in singlemode for both UPC and APC and in multimode UPC. The connectors come with standard boots suitable for 900um and 2mm cable diameters. The connector are also available in simplex and duplex (with clips) options. The LC connector is available in blue, green and beige.

> Complies with IEC 61754-20 and TIA 604-10-A
> Compact design based on RJ45 style interface
> Low insertion loss and back reflection
> Zirconia ceramic ferrule with high end UPC finish
> RoHS, REACH SvHC compliant
> Available in standard colours and standard packaging

> Telecommunications networks
> CATV, LAN, MAN and WAN application
> Data processing networks
> Cable television
> Fibre-to-the-home
> Premises distribution