AFL M310e Enterprise OTDR


  • The AFL M310 OTDR is specifically designed to address the technical challenges associated with today’s enterprise network architectures.  The M310 features AFL’s TruEvent™ Technology, allowing users to confidently determine where losses meet or exceed network specifications. TruEvent advanced event analysis software more accurately detects, locates and measures network events such as splices, connectors, breaks and macro-bends.

    The M310 is easy to use with visual result display LinkMap, comes standard with integrated Source, Power Meter and VFL, and is inspection ready with the DFS1 connector inspection probe. No surprise ‘add-on’ charges for these commonly needed support functions.

    • Test, troubleshoot and document networks with closely spaced events
    • Tier 1 and Tier 2 testing and certification of SM and MM networks
    • Enterprise network, Data Center, LAN/WAN
    • Document and create standards compliant acceptance reports with TRM™ 2.0, companion PC software
    • Test and troubleshoot networks up to 250 km
    • Test and certify campus & central office networks, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) fiber infrastructure
    • Inspect fiber end-faces using DFS1 Digital FiberScope.
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