Manually Operated Compression Tools

hydraulic crimpingHT 131-C Hydraulic Crimping Tool

This self contained robust and sturdy tool will accept the semi – circular slotted dies, common to most 130KN tools. It is particularly suitable for installing crimping type electrical connectors for overhead line applications. The tool features
a double speed action: a fast advancing speed for rapid approach of the dies to the connector and a slower more powerful speed for crimping. For ease of operation and comfort of the operator the tool head can be fully rotated
through 180 degrees.

The built in safety valve will bypass the oil supply when the maximum pressure is reached, and the pressure release system can easily be operated at any stage of compression.


Dimensions mm
Crimping Force KN: 130
Length: 473
Width: 144
Weight Kg: 5,5

Main Applications mm²
L.V.Lugs & Splices: 400
Insulated Terminals: 240
“C” Sleeve connectors : 185
H.V. Lugs & Splices: 400

pressheadsHydraulic Pressheads

The Hydraulic Compression Tool is also available as a remote head.

Product No Description
Remote Head for use with Foot Pump

pumpHydraulic Pump

Foot operated double speed pump, developing a maximum pressure of 700 bar. The pump is supplied with 3m long high-pressure flexible hose complete with female self-lock quick coupler.

Pressure can be withdrawn at any time during operation by depressing the release lever. A solid shaped stand gives the pump stability during operation.

Operating Pressure Bar: 700
Length: 680
Width: 200
Height: 163
Weight: 9.2kg
Storage Type: VAL 22
Dimensions mm: 705x285x180