Fiber Monitoring System

fiber monitoring system

Fiber monitoring system

  • NTest fiber monitoring system has helped realize the value and security of network data as well as meet the customer expectations for robust services.

    Network operators, service providers and enterprise organizations must be proactive in the health of fiber-optic networks to ensure excellent Quality of Service (QoS), meet Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements and protect network revenue streams. Adding to the ever-present challenge, however, is the reality that all this must be done while operating with fewer financial resources and limited human capital.

    Public and private networks need tools that enable the ability to attract new customers and retain current customers while maximizing network efficiency and reducing operational expenses.

    FiberWatch from NTest is the essential tool to achieve excellent QoS, meet SLAs and drive better revenue streams.

  • Reduced Meantime to Repair (MTTR)

    FiberWatch™ is engineered to allow operators to send immediate alarms and isolate locations of fiber problems to take corrective action before network issues become mission critical.

    FiberWatch™ proactively monitors your network non-intrusively and alerts your team to any possible trouble. The advanced FiberWatch™ approach:

    • Saves operators precious time
    • Conserves tight budgets allocated to operating expenses
    • Protects your reputation with customers

    Domains to Meet SLAs

    FiberWatch™ enables the use of domains to help meet SLA commitments. Domains make it easy to partition network data into customized views that meet both customer needs and your own.

    24/7 Ease of Use and Access. Rapid Turn-Up of New Services

    FiberWatch™ is intuitive. It’s easy to use. It’s designed to provide access to the network anytime from anywhere through use of a Web interface. For convenience, the interface offers full system access and control through managed user accounts.


    • Advanced customer service management through quick, intuitive identification and isolation of network problems
    • Easy fault pinpointing and isolation
    • Early identification of network security breaches
    • Proactive, non-intrusive network monitoring for robust reliability
  • RFTS Datasheet