RF-Vision Antenna Alignment Tool

The world around your antennas is constantly changing, RF Vision allows you to capture these changes. New building constructions, growing tree lines, etc. will degrade your coverage objectives and create unhappy customers. Only RF Vision will allow you to see these obstructions and give Engineers ability to optimize antenna orientations.


  • Reduces OPEX cost
  • Gurantees field installation and RF Design match
  • Maximize voice quality and data traffic
  • Improves data user throughputs and KPIs
  • Reduces churn
  • • Mechanically Aligned with Camera
    • Bullseye Target Alignment with Augmented Reality
    • Rugged Design & Weather Resistant
    • Impact-Resistant 5” Touch Screen Display
    • Dual Frequency Technology
    • 5G-Ready Accessories
    • Mobile App to Share Line-of-Sight Reports
  • Datasheet