SC Adaptor

Optronics manufactures a range of SC connectors suitable for various applications. SC connectors are used in most of the newer network applications and with
less parts and a plastic body it offers an economical option. The SC connectors are available in singlemode for both PC and APC and in multimode PC. The
connectors come with standard FibreFab boots suitable for 900µm, 2mm and 3mm cable diameters. The FibreFab SC connector is available in standard colours including blue, green and beige.


> Complies with IEC 61754-4, IEC 60784-14 and TIA 604-3
> A push-pull coupling mechanism for easy insertion and consistent connection
> Zirconia ceramic ferrule with high end Ultra Physical Contact (UPC) finish
> Low insertion loss and back reflection
> RoHS, REACH SvHC compliant
> Available in standard colours and standard packaging

> Data centres, premise installations, telecommunication networks
> Ethernet, fibre channel, ATM, LAN, MAN and WAN