Swivels,Cable Pulling Grips

ball bearingSwivels and Connectors

Swivels are essential for effective pulling operations of underground cables. The swivels are fitted with bearings to prevent build up of twist in the cable pulling bond.more info

Product Code: Various

 non -conductive cable stickingNon Conductive Stockings

Manufactured from a man-made, high strength parallel standard fiber, and having a polyethylene sheath. Non-conductive, non-corrosive and abrasive resistant.more info

E-358aHeavy-Light Duty Pulling Stockings

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Product Code: various

pulling_gripsCable Pulling Grips

Cable Pulling Grips are manufactured from high-grade galvanized steel wire, in a double or single weave construction.more info
Product Code: E-958

generere General Duty Pulling Stockings

Double Weave, Single Fleeting Eye and Open Sleeve

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