SX10 Load Moving Skates and SCS-20 Caterpillar Roller Skates

skateSX10 Load Moving Skates

Comprising of a steerable front section and a pair of adjustable rear trolleys, the Load Moving Skates have been designed to ensure ease of operation and maximum safety.

System Capacity: 10 Tonnes
Overall Height: 102mm
Turntable Diameter: 180mm
System Weight: 54kgs
Size Of Wheels: 82x48mm
Quantity Of Wheels: 16
Rear Width Adjustment: 252-1200mm
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D-1026-SX10-F Load Moving Skates

caterpillarSCS-20 Caterpillar Roller Skates

Caterpillar Skates provide an economic and robust solution to many load moving and placement problems. They feature a superb build quality, a robust lockable steel container with nylon casters, and their modular concept allows for the linking of units.

Capacity: 20 Tonnes
System Weight: 50kgs
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D-1026-SCS20-F Caterpillar Roller Skates