Telecom Cable Installation

Tube Blowing Conversion Kit

The tube blowing conversion kits are initially used to convert an existing Tornado Cable Blowing Machine into a Tube Blowing Machine for installing micro tubes into ducts

Tube Blowing Accessories

CBS has developed a micro tube pressuring system, which prevent potential problems where the blowing air can collapse the tubes. The system charges the tubes on their drums; this keeps the micro tubes stiff and resilient during the tube installation procedure.

Tube Blowing Kit

Tornado Tube Blowing Kit includes the following:
Tube Blowing Machine
C-1200 Hydraulic Power Pack including 2x7m hoses
1 off – Tube Kit, 1 off – Sub Duct Clamp Collet, 1 off – Sub Duct Seal Collet

Cable Floating Water Pump

The CBS C-1240-F Cable Floating Water Pump has
been designed to work in conjunction with the
C-1250 Tornado to install fiber cables using water
instead of air

Hydraulic Power Pack

A lightweight, trolley mounted, hydraulic power pack, with pre-set internal system protection relief valve and quick release connectors


All compressors are fitted with air coolers, condensation separator and air filtration and come mounted on a two-wheel traile