Terra Micro tuneller T 135 F (e)

Terra Hammer T135F

 Terra Mocro tuneller T 135 S (e)

Terra Hammer T 135S

Terra micro tuneller T 080plus SK (e)

Terra Hammer T 080plus


Bo6 Micro borer


Terra Head Oiler

aiming staffTerra Aiming Staff

For TERRA-HAMMER Ø 80 – 190 mm
Effective length: 1.50 m / 1.75 m / 2.00 m with precision telescope
Optional extension available, 1 m long. Several extensions may be used.

The inclination scale allows an accurate inclination adjustment of the TERRA-HAMMER, even at no sight to the target.

 cable clampsTerra Cable Clamp

Short and compact, with interchangeable centering adapter for different pipe sizes. Used with a pulling cable, short pipes or long lengths of pipes from a coil can be simultaneously pulled into difficult grounds during the piercing operation.

launching cradleTerra Launching Cradle

During starting of the TERRA-HAMMER the direction and the inclination can be adjusted with the adjustment handles of the launching cradles. The pulley of the largest launching candle allows active simultaneous pipe pushing with an
optional Tirfor winch up to the front of the launcher.

terra expanderTerra Expanders


With the TERRA expanders the pilot bore can be enlarged with the same TERRA-HAMMER up to bigger diameters (in a second operation).


echo oilerTERRA eco oiler
Used for the lubrication of the TERRA-HAMMERThe filling glass shows if the oiler is fullThe regulation valve allows an easy start of the TERRA-HAMMERand is used to stop the TERRA-HAMMERCapacity: 0.8 ltr