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cable floating water

Cable Floating Water Pump

The CBS C-1240-F Cable Floating Water Pump has
been designed to work in conjunction with the
C-1250 Tornado to install fiber cables using water
instead of air.more

compressed air cooler

CBS Compressed Air Cooler

Ideally the compressed air entering the Cable Blowing Machine should be cool and moisture free to optimise the cable blowing process. This is achieved by a Compressed Air Cooler.more
Product Code: C-1227

C1200_hydraulic power pack

CBS Hydraulic Power Pack

A lightweight, trolley mounted, hydraulic power pack, with pre-set internal system protection relief valve and quick release connectors.more
Product Code: C-1200

cable fleeter

CBS Cable Fleeter

The Fleeter replaces the manual method of “figure of eighting” cable, and provides protection and security for the cable.more
Product Code: C-1265



All compressors are fitted with air coolers, condensation separator and air filtration and come mounted on a two-wheel trailermore
Product Code: various


CBS Tornado Configuration for Cable Blowing

In order to customize your new “Tornado” to your application, we ask that you pick the various collets and seals corresponding to your application.more
Product Code: Various