mole-plGround-Cable Laying- Vibration Cabling Mole-plough

Vibration cabling mole-ploughs have proved it many times: they are one of the most rational and economic methods for laying cables and plastic pipes – even along short tracks. Their state-of-the-art cable-laying sections are able to simultaneously install a number of cables or pipes, including their hazard-warning tapes and screening conductors in an extremely careful way, accomplishing high daily performances. A trench is not produced, so there is no backfilling or disposal of spoil. Too: It is very easy to directly blow in cables into empty pipes installed by this cabling mole-plough, because they have a very even run.

Vibration cabling mole-plough Type KV 15 for mounting on caterpillar tractors

The KV 15 is our strongest cabling mole-plough, yet it handles cables very gently, making it suitable for directly installing fibre optic cables. The KV 15 has proven itself all round the world, under the severest of geological and climatic conditions, such as can exist in the Alps, in Africa, in South America, in Easteurope and other places.

12kvVibration cabling mole-plough Type KV 12 for mounting on tractors

The KV 12 has been designed for attaching to wheeled vehicles, which means it can be driven along the roads, from one site to the next, no flatbed trailer being needed. Its capability embraces many of the cable-laying duties which come up.

kv3Vibration cabling mole-plough Type KV 3 for mounting on excavators

The KV 3 shows its capability in areas where other types of plough do not suffice. Attached to excavators, it can be used for laying cables right behind crash barriers, plants or similar obstacles. The plough is attached to the excavator’s arm instead of a bucket, and is easy to swap.