Transformer Bogie

transformer bogieThe CBS Transformer Bogie has been designed to manually move transformers over short distances from one location to another by one operator.
The sturdy lightweight all steel construction frame incorporates a detachable lifting bracket that can be fitted to any one of four positions to best suit the transformer being moved. Wide pneumatic wheels with ball bearing hubs are fitted to aid traveling especially when on soft terrain.
The operator selects the best position for the lifting bracket, and then man oeuvres the transformer bogie into position to locate the lifting hook into the lifting bracket on the transformer, by pulling back on the handle the transformer is lifted clear of the ground, it can be moved to the new location.

Capacity: 400kg (Vertical load on
Lifting hook)
(The actual load that can be lifted is dependent on the size of the transformer, its weight and the size and physical strength of the operator)
Chassis: All steel welded construction