VXi TuffSet

tuffsetIdeal for noisy environments, the VXi TuffSet Series was also designed with comfort in mind. Two models are available: The TuffSet 25 binaural headset features two large, insulated earpieces that effectively block out background noise. The Tuffset 15 monaural headset has only one speaker—paired with an oversized, padded ear cushion—so it lets you keep one ear free to hear what’s going on around you. Both headsets also give you a virtually-indestructible gooseneck microphone boom that stays where you put it, guaranteeing consistent voice quality.




• Designed for use in very noisy environments.

• Noise-canceling microphone ensures that only your voice is heard—not the background noise.

• Microphone boom is highly flexible, virtually indestructible and rotates for left or right ear placement.

• The stainless steel headband is fully adjustable and covered with PVC leather for a perfect fit and all-day comfort.

• Built to last with highly durable components, for 24/7/365 contact center use.

• For greater mobility, the sturdy quick disconnect makes it easy for you to quickly detach the headset from the lower cord.

• Two-year warranty.