T- 15 Fiber Identifier

Optical Fiber Identifier (2)Optical fiber identifier is an essential instrument for the installation and maintenance of optical fiber projects.It can easily detect any spot of SM fiber cables. Through inserting a 1310 or 1550 modulated signal into the fiber, it is used to indicate the direction of the transmitting signals, find and locate the specific fiber without interrupting the current work during the installation, cabling and maintenancery .


  • Easy-to-use with “ONE KEY” operation.
  • Efficiently identifies the traffic direction and frequency tone
    (270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz) with audible warning.
  • Displays the relative core power
  • More accurate test with Sunshade
  • Easy-to-replace adaptors
  • Durable metal housing and quality construction
  • Lower power indication.