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This unit is only 1.75 m in length and only 0.45 m wide. This allows access into those confined spaces where the conventional rigs can’t go. The machine and power pack can even be negotiated through a standard household door for access into back yards of private residences.
A better solution than a pneumatic piercing tool, air hammer or mole

The machine is capable of installing pipe up to 200 mm in diameter to grade and line. All tooling are included for back reaming up to 20m long in clay. This machine is the perfect alternative to the weak moles in clay and mixed ground conditions where these impact tools will miss the target or pop up in the middle of the road. The Micro Borer B06 can also be configured as a micro directional drill rig with its own directional drilling blades, transmitter housing and Digitrak locator.. The engineered simplicity and versatility make this rig an ideal machine for contractors associated with Trenchless installation of underground services such as water, waste water, gas, power and telecommunication.
Extremely Durable
Manufactured from Zinc plated hollow and rolled steel sections,  the framework  is  fully  welded,  making  it  a relatively light  weight,  yet  extremely sturdy and durable structure.

The First Micro Borer `User Friendly`
With only two levers to control,  Rotation and Thrust,  its operation is amazingly simple and most importantly `user friendly`.

Everything Pass Through a Normal Household Door
Designed with the emphasis on keeping size to a minimum, the machine can easily be manoeuvred into the most difficult and confined places.
Keep Cost Down and Increase Productivity
To operate the machine safely and adequately requires a minimum of two persons, opposing the need for larger crew, as in the past. Hence keeping costs down and productivity up.

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