Ratchet Cable Cutters

hard cable ratchetHard Cable Ratchet Cutter 41mm

This rugged cutter is designed to cut the following:

• ACSR power cable up to and including 556 kcmil

• 500 kcmil hard drawn electrical conductors 35,6 mm maximum outside diameter

• 750 kcmil soft drawn electrical conductors 40,6 mm maximum outside diameter

• Self-support (figure 8) telecommunications cable 44,2 mm with a maximum support messenger size of 7mm

• Overall length 457mm

Note: Do not exceed these maximum cutting capacities for this tool or tool damage will occur.

When cutting with this tool, observe the following important directions:

• The cable must enter into the jaws of the tool exactly perpendicular (90 degrees) to the cutting blades so as to result in a circular cross-section cut.

• When cutting self-support cable, always orient the supporting strand so it faces the handles for maximum leverage.

• If you encounter excessive cutting resistance, use a one click cutting cycle until the cutter moves freely.

• Tighten the fulcrum nut periodically and keep the handle bolts tight. The tool will not operate properly unless the fulcrum nut is at least 15 ft-lbs. (20 Newton meters).

• Blades made from 6150 alloy steel

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G-GMP-75248 Hard Cable Ratchet Cutter 41mm

hard cable ratchet750 MCM Ratcheting Cable Cutter

This ingenious tool offers big cutter performance without long handles to tackle large cutting jobs in tight spaces such as manholes.

• Fiberglass handles with 100 KV/ft. dielectric strength

• 750 kcmil / 400mm² maximum capacity

• Blades open to accept 40 mm diameter cable

• Overall length is a compact 483 mm

• Maximum mechanical advantage is provided by a two-speed ratcheting mechanism which lets you switch between fast action blade movement (5 strokes to open or close) or high leverage cutting (18 strokes to close)

• For greatest leverage, the ratchet can advance one tooth with each closing stroke

• To change blade direction, just flick a lever on the blade head. Also, the speed switch works with blade movement in either direction.

• Designed to make every cut smoothly, the precision-ground, high alloy tool steel blades are twice as thick as those on some competing cutters and offer excellent cutting edge performance

• A special hardening process on the ratchet and pawl mechanism gives them extra durability.

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G-GMP-75249 750 MCM Ratcheting Cable Cutter