Network operators, service providers and enterprise organizations must be proactive in the health of fiber-optic networks to ensure excellent Quality of Service (QoS), meet Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements and protect network revenue streams. Adding to the ever-present challenge, however, is the reality that all this must be done while operating with fewer financial resources and limited human capital.

Public and private networks need tools that enable the ability to attract new customers and retain current customers while maximizing network efficiency and reducing operational expenses.

FiberWatch™ from NTest is the essential tool to achieve excellent QoS, meet SLAs and drive better revenue streams.

FiberWatch provides:

  • A 24×7 physical layer fiber monitoring system
  • Proprietary OTDR technology with optical switch to test multiple fibers
  • Ruggedized, remote units to continuously tests fibers in all conditions
  • Comprehensive network reporting, trends analysis and alarm management
  • Customizable user interface