Terra Head Oiler


Lubricator Version F

The lubricator Version F has been designed for all TERRA piercing tools (moles) with remcontrolled reverse.

This new lubricator is contained within a stable frame and can be used alongside or in thepit, within easy reach of the operator. The environmentally friendly TERRA special lubrican easily filled into the lubricator and checking the oil level is also simple.

The impulse valve guarantees the proper starting of the TERRA piercing tool over longe rdistances. Additionally it allows immediate air exhaust behind the piercing tool, to stop the action immediately without any further blows. This makes the impulse valve also an emestop.

The reverse valve allows the remote controlled change of the operating direction either in or during the operation of the piercing tool. The new design enables 4 operating speeds TERRA piercing tools by adjustment of the regulation valve the correct air flow can be cho “25 %“ is elected in very soft ground to avoid dangerous oscillating of the piercing tool, “50soft ground with more grip, “75 %“ in grounds with reasonable friction. Full throttle “100 %“always chosen where the TERRA piercing tool has good contact with the bore channel.