UB20 In-Line Heating System

UB20-Heater-partsThe in-line heating system with its propane-fired heat ex changer provides safe, warm breathing air in cold conditions.

  • High-low control enables fast-purge
    ventilation and lower speed for maintaining
    safe work space.
  • High impact case includes battery and built in charger for overnight charging.
  • Up to 10 hours of continuous operation.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Ordering details
    Product No Description
    D-HA01-F 115v AC, 60Hz Heater
    D-HA02-F 110v AC, 50Hz Heater
    D-HA03-F 240v AC, 50Hz Heater
    Packages comprising Heater, Blower and quick couple canister c/w duct available upon request.
    Contact CBS products for details.