Gulfstream 200



  • Rechargeable battery powered
  • Software controlled drive system
  • Provided with complete set of cable seals and duct clamps
  • Belt driven to reduce stress on cable
  • User friendly controls
  • Easy read air pressure gauge

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The self-contained Gulfstream™ 200 combines the push force of a small electric motor driven belt drive with compressed air to quickly and easily install micro fibre cables from 2.0mm to 5.5mm in diameter in microduct ranging in size from 5mm to 12.7mm, at speeds up to 165 feet per minute!

The unit’s machined aluminum construction provides a lightweight profile with long life and durability. The Gulfstream™ 200’s compact size and convenient carrying case allow for easy transport between job sites.

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Single handed operation

Self contained electric motor

Standard off-the-shelf battery

Cost effective

Simple to maintain

Lightweight (5lbs)

Durable long life design

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Part Number


08783050 Gulfstream™ 200 Micro Fiber Blower Complete Kit (120v)
08783050EU Gulfstream™ 200 Micro Fiber Blower Complete Kit (240v)
08783050-01 Gulfstream™ 200 Micro Fiber Blower Kit less Duct Pack
08783000 Gulfstream™ 200 Micro Fiber Blower
Cable Seal Kits included
08783074 1.5mm Cable Seal Kit (5pcs)
08783057 2.0mm Cable Seal Kit (5 pcs)
08783058 2.5mm Cable Seal Kit (5 pcs)
08783064 3.0mm Cable Seal Kit (5pcs)
08783059 3.5mm Cable Seal Kit (5 pcs)
08783060 4.0mm Cable Seal Kit (5 pcs)
08783061 4.5mm Cable Seal Kit (5 pcs)
08783062 5.0mm Cable Seal Kit (5 pcs)
08783063 15.5mm Cable Seal Kit (5pcs
08783071 Blank Cable Seal Kit (5 pcs)
08783076 Seal Kit (Includes Adhesive)