Duct Rods and Accessories

ductroddersDuct Rods

A high quality fibre glass rod, specially constructed to provide exceptional high tensile strengths, whilst retaining flexibility.more info
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 duct accesoriesThreaded Rod End, Guide Ends & Ferrules

Replacement threaded rod ends, guide ends & ferrule fittings allow the connection of other duct rod accessories and repairs.more info
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 Shackle, Tapered Rod End, Roller Guide

Various attachments used with our Duct Rodders. Available for mini, midi and maxi rods.more info

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 Cable Avoidance Tools

Enhance the detect-ability of cables and pipes; trace out the route of specific services. Use the signal generator to transmit an easily identifiable signal along a cable or pipe. Trace the lines using the Cable Avoidance Tool. New industry accepted 33 kHz operating frequency for clearer signal reception. more info
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duct checking1 Duct Checking Equipment

Direct buried ducts can suffer from compaction, reduction or other obstructions, therefore, before cable installation begins, CBS recommends that each length of duct is checked for continuity and freedom from obstruction.more info

sprintSprint Conduit Rod

The CBS Sprint Conduit Rod is a handy device for smaller conduit applications, using 3mm polypropylene-coated fiberglass rod in lengths ranging from 20m-50m. more info
Product Code: B-100-240-F