Canvas Buckets

canvas buscketUsed to transport tools from the ground to an aerial perch, each of these 12in high heavy canvas buckets has a tough vulcanized rubber bottom and reinforced steel ring mouth to give you years of heavy-duty use.

Spanning the mouth of each bucket is rope handle, which runs between two grommets riveted to opposite sides of the bucket. The rope is long enough so that it won’t get in your way if you have to move large or heavy objects in and out of the bucket.

A solid brass snap swivel on the rope lets you attach it to any secure strand or hand line.

Product No Description
G-GMP-66731-F 12in Canvas Bucket – No Pocket – Weight – 1.4kg
G-GMP-66732-F 12in Canvas Bucket with 15 small stitched-in pouches – Weight – 1.4kg
G-GMP-66739-F 9in Canvas Bucket with Single Outside Pocket –
Weight – 1.4kg