Duct Checking Equipment

duct checking1Direct buried ducts can suffer from compaction, reduction or other obstructions, therefore, before cable installation begins, CBS recommends that each length of duct is checked for continuity and freedom from obstruction. Various items of hardware are available for checking the ducts.

A precision locator supplied with an appropriate duct Sonde(s), allows the duct route to be checked for continuity. The Sonde transmitter is blown along the route length, stopping at any blockage. The blockage is found by locating the Sonde with the locator.

Please state the duct inside dimensions when ordering.

ProductNo Description
C-RD-CAT-F Precision Locator

duct checking2

ProductNo Description
C-R-SONDE-29 Missile Sonde – 29mm
C-R-SONDE-33 Missile Sonde – 33mm
C-R-SONDE-38 Missile Sonde – 38mm
C-R-SONDE-40 Missile Sonde – 40mm
C-R-SONDE-45 Missile Sonde – 45mm
C-R-SONDE-50 Missile Sonde – 50mm


Each Sonde is supplied with a Stocking, which is fitted over the end of the Duct to catch the Sonde upon exit.