Tree Pruning

tree pruning headTree Pruning Head

The Tree Pruning Head is ideal for tree clearing near overhead power lines. It is suitable for fitment upon a standard operating pole top section, by use of an aluminum adaptor for rigid location when cutting. The spring loaded side action-cutting blade is able to cut branches up to 1.75” (44mm) diameter. Operation is facilitated by a 2-metre chain and 9 meter operating rope, which is fitted to the blade-operating lever, for ease of use from ground level.

Weight: 1.6kg

Product No Description
D-845-F Tree Pruner
D-845-3-F Rope Insulator

pruning sawPruning Saw Head

The branch-cutting saw is suitable for fitment to standard intermediate pole sections with oval joint button. The curved 6-tpi blade facilitates a cutting action on both forward and backward strokes, which greatly reduces the effort required when compared to a conventional saw blade. The blade is 14” (355mm) long and manufactured from stainless steel and lacquered to ensure a long service life. The blade is bonded and riveted into the pole head to provide sure location during use. The blade is profiled at either end, to prevent the branch being cut, from slipping from the blade whilst cutting action is taking place.

Weight: 0.32kg

Product No Description
D-845-1-F Pruning Saw
Top Pole Adapter

tree hookTree Hook

Helps with the handling of branches when used with the saws or pruning heads

Complete with adapter to fit glass fibre rods.

Weight: 0.5kg

Product No Description
D-845-4-F Tree Hook