W1-TEW25H-0099 Tower Erection Winch

w1tew25h01_aThis winch has been designed to comply with all relevant safety requirements for lifting loads. Two fully automatic, fail – safe-braking systems are incorporated into the unit. The first is situated directly in the transmission line and functions every time the winch controls are operated. The second is mounted in direct contact with the rope drum and is controlled by sensing system acting on the main drive chain and the hydraulic oil pressure. In the unlikely event that the chain should fail, or all hydraulic pressure is lost, then this second brake would automatically apply and hold the load. This brake can also be applied manually.All components used in the manufacture of this winch are designed to offer 5:1 safety factor based on the safe working load of this winch.

Winching Capacities:The winching capacity is dependent upon the
quantity of rope left on the rope drum.
As a guide the following will apply:

Rope Drum Full 1000kg
Rope Drum Half Full 2000kg
Rope Drum Empty 3000kg

The actual safe working loads will depend upon the
manner of which the winch is working and upon the
strength of the wire rope. As a guide, the above
winch capacities assume a factor safety of 3:1, for
lifting use a safety factor of at least 5:1 and for
man riding applications, use a safety factor of at
least 10:1.

Rope Capacity:

750 metres of 13mm diameter
500 metres of 16mm diameter
300 metres of 20mm diameter

Rope Speeds:

Once again, the rope speed is dependent upon the
amount of rope on the rope drum. The speed is
infinitely variable throughout the full range using
the simple FAST-SLOW control pump.


Rope Drum Full 35 metres/min
Rope Drum half full 25 metres/min
Rope Drum empty 15 metres/min

Dimensions and Weight

Length 2700mm
Width 1670mm
Height 2100mm
Weight 1122kg (Less Rope)

(Average Rope weight 500 kg)


Product No Description
W1-TEW25H-0099 Tower Erection Winch

Axle and wheels are suitable for site work only and
not for using on a public highway. C/W Parking