Gulfstream 300

Gulfstream 300


  • Rechargeable battery powered tractor belt
  • Belt driven to reduce stress on cable
  • Software controlled drive system
  • Provided with complete set of cable seals and duct clamps
  • User friendly controls
  • Easy read air pressure gauge

  • The Gulfstream 300 is an effective and economical approach to middle mile fibre installations.

    Able to install fibre optic cable ranging in size from 3mm to 10mm into duct from 7mm to 18mm, the Gulfstream 300 offers the portability, convenience and power for standard middle projects in a cost effective package. The unit features user-friendly controls that help optimize the fibre optic cable installation process

  • Single handed operation

    Self contained electric motor

    Standard off-the-shelf battery

    Cost effective

    Simple to maintain

    Lightweight (10lbs)

    Durable long life design

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