3rd Gen APP Series Power AC Inverter / Charger


APP Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a combination of an inverter, battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch into one complete system with a peak conversion efficiency of 92%.
It is packed with unique features and it is one of the most advanced inverter/chargers in the market today. It features power factor corrected, sophisticated multi-stage charging and pure sine wave output with unprecedentedly high surge capability to meet demanding power needs of inductive loads without endangering the equipment.

Features of APP Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Charger
1.High High overload ability up to 300% of rated power(20 sec)
2.Low quiescent current, low power “ Power Saving Mode ” to conserve energy
3.4-step intelligent battery charging, PFC(Power Factor Correction) for charger
4.8 pre set battery type selector plus de-sulphation for totally flat batteries
5.Powerful charge rate up to 110Amp, selectable from 0%-100%
6.10 ms typical transfer time between battery and AC, guarantees power continuity
7.Smart remote control
8.15s delay before transfer when AC resumes, extra protection for loads when used with generator
9.Allows start up and through power with depleted batteries
10.30A/40A through current ability
11.Multiple controlled cooling fan
12.Extensive protections against various harsh situations
13.13VDC battery recover point, dedicated for renewable energy systems