The optic fiber splice closures is a small kind of splice closurewhich can be installed in narrow space. no need to use fiber protecting tubes. The optical fibers are taken into from middle of splice tray. Per closure can accommodate up to 6 trays.

The splice trays can be hinged 90 degrees flexibly. Easy and quick in operation.
Fiber protecting tube on the tray entry can protect optical fiber from harm when hinging the splice trays.
Base-to-dome seals on FOSC are mechanical and heat-shrinkable for ease of installation and reentry. No special tools are needed. After installation, the splice closure can be filled with gas.The main models include:SL-03S400A4-96 (max capacity:96/single fiber), SL-03S400A4-144 (max capacity:144/single fiber) 

It has 4 small holes and a oval hole. The diameter of the small holes is 2.0cm, the shorter axis of the oval hole