Compressed Air Cooler

compressed air cooler

The Compressor Aftercooler has been designed to cool compressed air and remove water droplets prior to entering a CBS Tornado Cable Blowing Machine. The cooler unit is mounted on a tubular steel frame and is complete with pneumatic wheels and transit handle for easy manoeuvrability.

An air driven motor impeller forces cooling air through the Compressor Aftercooler and reduces the temperature of the compressed air by approximately 10º centigrade. The air motor is driven by compressed air taken from the down stream side of the water separator and passes through a filter-regulator-lubricator assembly prior to entering the air motor.

The Compressor Aftercooler is fitted with cam action quick release air hose couplings for easy fitting to interconnection air hoses normally supplied by CBS Products with a Tornado Cable Blowing Machine.

Waste oil/water mixtures are collected in a frame mounted drain can for environmentally acceptable disposal.

The water separator protector bar doubles as a carry handle to assist with moving over soft terrain or loading into a vehicle.