ridgidRIDGID ACSR Cable Trimmer

Fast, accurate cable splice preparation. The bushing holder, cutter and handy carrying case are sold as one unit. Case contains storage sockets for 11 bushings.specifications

Product Code: D-914-RIDGID-87-F

spanometerSpanometer: Overhead Cable/Rope Measuring Machine

This machine has been designed to measure lengths of overhead cables. The unit is hung on the cable and a vertically movable pulley is used to clamp the measuring wheel to the cable.

A shackle is provided to enable the machine to be pulled along. A mechanical counter then displays the length/distance that the machine has moved. Its primary use is for positioning of spacers on overhead power lines. Can accommodate cable sizes between 8 – 43mm diameters.

staywire dispennswStaywire Dispenser

An essential aid for handling staywire coils, robustly constructed in steel tube having a plated finish. Removable side arm for ease of loading, automatically feeds wire as drawn off by operator.

Dimensions: 950mm x 410 mm

Weight:   8kg


cable measuring deviceCable Measuring Device

Designed to work in conjunction with the Roll on Drum Stand (D-496), the cable-measuring device offers a practical solution to accurate cable measuring.

Mounted on wheels for ease of transporting the device can accommodate cables from 20mm to 50mm diameter.

Height: 1000mm

Width:  300mm

Lenght: 400mm

Weight: 8kg


identistripsIdenti-Strip Marking System

Identi-Strip requires no special tools.It is highly visible with black characters on a yellow background.The characters slot into the black strip to create unique labels.Identi-Strip is particularly suited for labeling wooden poles, which are predominantly used in Electricity Industry.The system is made entirely of plastic, which is specially treated to prevent UV deterioration


D-483 wire ropeD-483 Wire Rope Sling

Wire rope sling for lifting and tension applications. Manufactured from high-grade galvanized steel, soft eye loops each end.

Capacity: 500kg,1000kg,200kg,3000kg,4000kg and 5000kg

Length: 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m

When ordering the Wire Rope Slings your need the following:
Model: D-483
Capacity: 500kg
Length: 1m

tensioning shoeTensioning Shoe

Special purpose device to meet Electricity Board Standards. Fits at end of insulator set when sagging and making off dead ends on wood pole lines. 2000kg SWL.


Shipping Weight: 2kg
Length: 355mm
Width: 105mm
Height: 120mm