AFL – OTDR OFL280 FlexTester


The AFL/NOYES OFL280-10x FlexTester family offers an unmatched combination of optical fiber test functions, ease-of-use, portability, and value. All OFL280 FlexTester models include an integrated single-mode 1310/1550 nm OTDR with PON-optimized and standard test modes, optical power meter, 1310/1550 nm laser source, and visual fault locator.

• Patented in- or out-of-service OTDR testing from a single port
• ServiceSafe live PON detection and OTDR test without service disruption
• Wave ID reduces insertion loss test time and eliminates setup errors
• 34/32 dB dynamic range at 1310/1550 nm
• Best-in-class 0.8/3.5 m event/attenuation dead zones
• Rugged, hand-held, lightweight (<1 kg)
• High-contrast, backlit display: Easily viewed, even in direct sunlight
• Industry-leading battery life: >12 hours continuous operation
• Instant On: Ready to test in <5 seconds
• Cost-effective point-to-point and FTTH PON testing
• Troubleshoot in-service FTTH networks, including live PON power  measurements plus PON OTDR testing at 1625 nm.
• Complete multi-wavelength insertion loss tests faster and eliminate setup errors using Wave ID source and power meter.
• Generate fiber-identifying tones and stable CW signals using integrated optical source.
• Trace fibers or locate faults using the Visual Fault Locator (VFL).