Maxi Data Center Solution

  • Cold & Hot Aisle Containment is highly modular, scalable, expandable and retrofitable system. It enables isolation of hot and cold aisles to maximize cooling system efficiency and minimize cooling energy requirement. It provides efficient energy management and energy savings increase to 50%. The top cover of the Cold & Hot Aisle Containment is made from easily tempered glass panel to maximize the available light and reduce the fire risk.  Ths skirt type blanking panels closes the gap between 19” mounting rails and side panels and enables zero U patch panel fitting and cable management. Also Cold & Hot Aisle Containment System must be built on raised floor to maximize cold air intake efficiency.
    • Optimum cooling solution for big and medium scale Data Centers coupled with CRAC units to increase efficiency of cooling system
    • Provides moderate efficiency, energy saving and free cooling capabilities
    • Increase server performance and cooling efficiency in Data Centers
    • The existence of cold & hot aisle containment eliminates the existence of hot spots
    • Modular Concept
    • Retrofitable
    • Cooling capacity of up to 10kW per rack
    • Green IT
    • Complete system solution:
      – Power management
      – Monitoring
      – Cooling
      – Security
    • Return on investment within 30 months
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