Hydraulic Press IR P 55

pumpHydraulic Press of 55 tons compression capacity, suitable for compression of joints on conductors and steel ropes for electric lines (medium and high voltage).
Excellent weight/power ratio (2.9 ton/kg), easy to operate on suspension working platforms and steel towers thanks to the specific cover fitted on the press body. Maximum hexagonal key of 44 mm allows pressing of a conductor of 31.5 mm diameter.
It is fitted with a control value, pressure gauge and quick release couplings and is available in 2 versions:

Dual pipe: Fitted with a control valve, pressure gauge and quick release couplings.

Single pipe: Fitted with quick release couplings; it can be changed into DUAL mode thanks to a particular adapter.

Max pressing force 55 tons (550 kN)
working pressure
700 bar)
Press Weight 19 kg
(17 kg SINGLE pipe)
Weight/Power ratio 2.9 Ton/kg
Die Weight 1 kg
Max. hexagon 44 mm
Max. stroke 17 mm
Case Dimensions 47 x 34 x 34 cm
ProductNo Description
G-IRP-P05502F-F 55 Ton Hyd Press
G-IRP-P055STAC-F Die for Steel compression
G-IRP-P055STAL-F Die for Al compression
G-IRP-P05S2574-F Anti banana device

G-IRP-CSA001F-F Hyd Power Pack – Petrol
G-IRP-CSA002F-F Hyd Power Pack – Electric