d-919Heavy Duty Spade and Shovel Holer

The insulated Spade and Shovel Holer is designed for digging and clearing spoil in narrow holes which restrict the use of standard spades.more info
Product Code: D-919

skateSX10 Load Moving Skates and SCS-20 Caterpillar Roller Skates

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h toe jacksRPB 15 – Roller Pinch Bar and HTJ6/HTJ3– Hydraulic Toe Jacks
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podger rachetPodger Ratchets and Double Ratchets

Ideal tools for linesmen, ratchet facility in both directions two sizes per wrench. more info

pole climbingPole Climbing Irons

Spur type adjustable climbers; make easy work of pole climbing.

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petrol driven augefrPetrol Auger Drill
A high quality tool for drilling wooden poles on site. Petrol powered, this sturdy drill makes light work of boring holes in all sizes of pole.more info
drillPetrol Driven Drill
A must for drilling wooden poles on site. Petrol powered, this sturdy drill makes light work of boring holes in poles.more info

ramfanUB20 Blower / Exhauster

Ramfan combines high performance turbofan design with high strength polymers to create a line of rugged, protable turbo blowers. The line is ideal for general use, confined space, hazardous ventilation and delivers the highest airflow in their class.more info

transformer bogieTransformer Bogie

The CBS Transformer Bogie has been designed to manually move transformers over short distances from one location to another by one operator.more info

canvas buscketCanvas Buckets

Used to transport tools from the ground to an aerial perch, each of these 12in high heavy canvas buckets has a tough vulcanized rubber bottom and reinforced steel ring mouth to give you years of heavy-duty use.more info

tree pruning headTree Pruning

The Tree Pruning Head is ideal for tree clearing near overhead power lines. It is suitable for fitment upon a standard operating pole top section, by use of an aluminum adaptor for rigid location when cutting. The spring loaded side action-cutting blade is able to cut branches up to 1.75” (44mm) diameter.more info

agJointer’s Utilitent
Designed to protect workers from the elements, these brightly colored tents are easily seen by oncoming traffic. Utilizing a unique new hub design, the tent ops up or down in a matter of seconds and requires no assembly.more info

safweySafety Belts and Harnesses

The work-positioning belt is intended for the use of linesmen and other workers required working at heights on poles or other structures in a supported position thereby enabling them to have both hands free for working.more info