Overhead Line Stringing

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C-1054aC-1054 Single Capstan Winch

The C-1054 Capstan Winch has been designed to hoist loads up pole or transmission towers.more info
Product Code: C-1054

C-1210aC-1210 Single Capstan Winch

The C-1210 Single Capstan Winch has been designed to provide a light and powerful universal winch. Suitable for hoisting loads up poles or transmission towers or pulling cables and conductors.more info
Product Code: C-1210

C-825CBS C-825 & C-826 Portable Hydraulic Winching System
The CBS C-825 Winch has been designed to provide a fully portable winching system.more info
Product Code: C-825

c-680bCBS C-680 Bulldog Overhead Line Winch

The CBS C-680 Bulldog winch has been designed to provide a compact, transportable unit for overhead line stringing work. more info
Product Code: C-680

c-821bCBS C-821 Hydraulic Universal Winch

The CBS C-821 Universal winch offers the constant pulling tension of a bull wheel drive and the flexibility of a direct drive drum in one machine.more info
Product Code: C-821

C-780_2TCBS C-780 Overhead Line Conductor Stringing Winch – 2 Tonne
The CBS 780 Drum Winch has been designed to give a reliable, flexible winching system to meet all 11/33kV work.more info
Product Code: C-780-20

C-780-30-01 CBS C-780 Overhead Line Conductor Stringing Winch – 3 Tonne

The CBS 780 Drum Winch has been designed to give a reliable, flexible winching system to meet all 11/33kV work.

more info
Product Code: C-780-30

C-780_4T CBS C-780 Overhead Line Conductor Stringing Winch- 4 Tonne

The CBS 780 Drum Winch has been designed to give a reliable, flexible winching system to meet all 11/33kV work.more info
Product Code: C-780-40

w1tew25h01_a W1-TEW-25H Tower Erection Winch

Hydraulically driven self-powered drum winch. Popular with power line and telecommunications contractors.more info
Product Code: W1-TEW-25H

w1tew50mW1-TEW-50M Tower Erection Winch

A mechanical winch designed to provide reliable and safe lifting operations for tower and mast erection for the electricity or telecommunications industries.more info
Product Code: W1-TEW-50M

w1rmw50tractorW1-RMW50 Tractor Winch

A tractor mounted 5 tonne hydraulic winch with variable speed control for both forward and reverse winching.more info
Product Code: W1-RMW-50

c-1070_001_bCBS C-1070 Fiber Optic Cable Puller

The C-1070 is a mobile puller designed specifically for installing “ADSS” fiber optical cables on transmission towers.more info
Product Code: C-1070

C-1020 CBS C-1020 Puller

The CBS C-1020 Puller has been designed to provide the facilities necessary for safe overhead ling stringing.

more info
Product Code: C-1020

C-1004CBS C-1004 Tensioner

The CBS C-1004 Tensioner has been designed to provide smooth control of fibre optic cable tension during the stringing operations.more info
Product Code: C-1004

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aerial bundle
Aerial Bundle Conductor ClampsManufactured from high quality materials, the clamps have been specially designed to suit ABC conductors and provide a wide range per clamp to suit the range of twin and quad bundles.
Product No. Conductor
Range mm
SWL kgf Weight Kg
D-766 4 x 60 600 2.3
D-768 4 x 95 800 4.7
D-974 4 x 120 1000 7.95

grips for large
Grips for LargeConductorsThese grips are custom made to individual conductor sizes to ensure maximum contact around the conductor circumference. When ordering specify conductor diameter and name (ie Lynx).Specifications

Product No. Conductor
Range mm
SWL kgf Weight Kg
D-1628-16-P-F 7.87–22.35 2245 7.71
D-1628-30-F 21.59-31.50 4080 12.29
D-1628-40-F 31.50-39.12 7140 15.47

grips for large

Grips for Standard Aluminum and Copper Conductors

The smooth round jaw contour provides maximum contact when used on bare ACSR, aluminum and standard copper conductors.


Product No Conductor
Range mm
SWL kgf Weight Kg
D-1656-20-F 5.08 – 10.16 800 1.36
D-1656-30-F 7.87 – 13.46 900 1.70
D-1656-40-F 13.46 – 18.80 1600 3.40
D-1656-50-F 18.40 – 21.83 1600 3.40
D-1656-60-F 21.83 – 24.60 1600 3.40

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ridgidRIDGID ACSR Cable Trimmer

Fast, accurate cable splice preparation. The bushing holder, cutter and handy carrying case are sold as one unit. Case contains storage sockets for 11 bushings.specifications

Product Code: D-914-RIDGID-87-F

spanometerSpanometer: Overhead Cable/Rope Measuring Machine

This machine has been designed to measure lengths of overhead cables. The unit is hung on the cable and a vertically movable pulley is used to clamp the measuring wheel to the cable.

A shackle is provided to enable the machine to be pulled along. A mechanical counter then displays the length/distance that the machine has moved. Its primary use is for positioning of spacers on overhead power lines. Can accommodate cable sizes between 8 – 43mm diameters.

staywire dispennswStaywire Dispenser

An essential aid for handling staywire coils, robustly constructed in steel tube having a plated finish. Removable side arm for ease of loading, automatically feeds wire as drawn off by operator.

Dimensions: 950mm x 410 mm

Weight: 8kg


cable measuring deviceCable Measuring Device

Designed to work in conjunction with the Roll on Drum Stand (D-496), the cable-measuring device offers a practical solution to accurate cable measuring.

Mounted on wheels for ease of transporting the device can accommodate cables from 20mm to 50mm diameter.

Height: 1000mm

Width: 300mm

Lenght: 400mm

Weight: 8kg


identistripsIdenti-Strip Marking System

Identi-Strip requires no special tools.It is highly visible with black characters on a yellow background.The characters slot into the black strip to create unique labels.Identi-Strip is particularly suited for labeling wooden poles, which are predominantly used in Electricity Industry.The system is made entirely of plastic, which is specially treated to prevent UV deterioration


D-483 wire ropeD-483 Wire Rope Sling

Wire rope sling for lifting and tension applications. Manufactured from high-grade galvanized steel, soft eye loops each end.

Capacity: 500kg,1000kg,200kg,3000kg,4000kg and 5000kg

Length: 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m

When ordering the Wire Rope Slings your need the following:
Model: D-483
Capacity: 500kg
Length: 1m

tensioning shoeTensioning Shoe

Special purpose device to meet Electricity Board Standards. Fits at end of insulator set when sagging and making off dead ends on wood pole lines. 2000kg SWL.


Shipping Weight: 2kg
Length: 355mm
Width: 105mm
Height: 120mm

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Sparrholm Pole Raising Sheerlegs

Lightweight aluminum legs with hand winch and pole chains makes for safe erection of wooden poles.


pole erecting

Pole Erecting Pikes

Wooden poles can be safely erected with two men deploying these lightweight pole pikes. Manufactured in aluminum tube with double pole spikes, push up handle and ground spike. Usually supplied in pairs of 3 or 4 varying lengths per set. Lengths to suit customer’s requirements.



pole bogie

D-710-1 Pole Bogie (LP Tyres)

This pole bogie is fitted with low-pressure tyres, reduces land damage to a minimum. Ideally suited for transporting poles across rough terrain or soft ground. The poles are secured with quick action retaining straps. Also available is the towing eye and strap for towing by vehicles.



pole platforms d-899

Shown is the D-899 Fixed Platform


Shown is the D-900 Swiveling Platform

CBS Aluminum Pole Platforms for varying situations. All models feature a serrated pole-gripping device and are light in weight and simple to apply. Manufactured in tubular aluminum, incorporating a non-slip open plate platform.

Platforms have a safe working load of 250kg. Pole Step has safe working load of 150kg.


Length(m) 1.0m 1.5m 2.0m
Product No
Product No
Product No



hydraulic pole hoistHydraulic Pole Hoist

The Hydraulic Pole Hoist is designed to raise damaged or rotten wooden poles from the ground.It employs a hydraulic ram, to provide the lifting effort, which is attached to the pole by the strong link chain.The sturdy manually operated hydraulic pump powers the ram, which is simply connected by quick-release connectors. The pump is mounted on an aluminum base, and the cylinder has a load spreading “I” beam base with handle.

Maximum lifting force : 8000 kg


abc conductore lifterABC Conductor Lifter

Designed to be attached to a pole to lift the ABC Conductor out of the running out blocks.

Weight : 8.5 kg


conductor lifteConductor Lifter

Designed to be attached to a cross arm to lift bare conductors out to the insulated pots which then allows the pot to be changed.The conductor Lifter has a SWL of 400Kg.

Weight: 10.90kg

Product No Description
D-1044 -001 Conductor Lifter


crossarm lifterCrossarm Lifter

This lightweight Aluminum Crossarm Lifter is ideal for raising even the largest crossarms to ESI 4340 to the top of any pole.The lifter, which has a safe weight lift of 100kg, rests on the pole top and is strapped in position with a liberally rated ratcheting strap binder.The Sheave is securely caged to prevent the lifting rope escaping while in action.

Weight: 13.18kg

Product No Description
D-929-01 Crossarm Lifter